Framesi Color Lover Primer 11 8.5 fl. oz.



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• Cosmetic color protection for all hair types
• Protection from hair dryer and iron heat
• Hydration and nourishment for damaged hair
• Light texture which does not weigh down the hair shaft
• Shine and silkiness for frizzy hair
• Greater body for delicate and fine hair
• Anti-static control
• Better manageability for coarse and frizzy hair
• Easier styling for straight hair
• Longer-lasting styling
• Combats split ends To complete the Color Lover range, pre-styling Hair Primer 11, which removes imperfections and bestows no fewer than eleven benefits, first and foremost color protection. Pre-styling, acid pH primer, formulated with a pool of antioxidant enzymes of bio-technological origin and a UV screen. Indispensable for removing imperfections before drying the hair. Suitable for all hair types.

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