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GAMA PROFESSIONAL iQ Dryer - iQ perfetto the world's lightest, most powerful and intelligent hair dryer. With 294 grams of technology, this is an essential working tool, generator of beauty and wellness on the hair thanks to the ozone.  This hair dryer was designed to not tire the musculoskeletal apparatus of professionals. A cult object that every hair stylist can no longer do without. 

If you haven't had an opportunity to test a Gama Professional IQ Dryer and you live in Canada, head to a Chatters Hair Salon to speak with our Beauty Consultants and Hair Stylists to learn how much this product is loved and get all the nitty gritty details. This hair dryer has wowed everyone that's had an opportunity to experience it. 

Gama Professional iQ Dryers are quick, quiet, powerful, & compact.  iQ is 7 times more powerful than other hair dryers and dries hair 30% faster, but is also extremely lightweight and quiet.

The Italian-designed Gama dryers are manufactured internationally to the highest standards, and each one is quality checked in Italy. The Gama journey begins in Italy where they are designed and their parts created. The parts are then assembled in Gama’s China facility. After assembly the dryers are shipped back to Italy for inspection. Once they are thoroughly inspected, they are shipped to Chatters Hair Salons or here online, until they go to their new Style Happy home.

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